Class times
Tuesday 15.30 - 17.10 
Thursday 11.30 - 13.10 

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Information about distance courses for the winter semester

This semester's course will take place via Zoom starting from the week beginning 28.9.2020
for the first week of the semester (21.9.2020) students will be required to email me the tasks detailed below. After 28.9, click on the Zoom link for your day's lesson, the link is the same every week and can be found in the 28.9 box in materials below. Please make sure your name as it appears on Zoom is your name and surname as I will use it to take a register.
The meetings only last 40 minutes, so when the link drops, click on it again and we can carry on.
There will also be weekly homework tasks to send. 
in summary, the two requirements for passing the course this term are
attendance at the Zoom sessions
submission of the homework tasks
If you are having difficulty getting online at any point, just let me know.
The form which the end of module test (zápočtový test) will take has not been agreed on. 

Course Materials

materials for each week are organised by date (the first day of the week is shown as classes are on different days). Click on the links for materials for the lesson and compulsory homework assignments

DateMaterials Homework Answers
21.9Click on the classification link below and have a go at excercise 8.1 text 1 and 2, email me your answers, but just as 2 sets of letters (e.g. g,j,h,i etc.), you don't need to type up all the texts again. Now go to this website and use it to write a short paragraph summarising the English education system that follows the same classification structure as you have studied above. Email me your paragraph.
Education and Classification in Academic Paragraphs
28.9Tuesday 15.30 Class
Zoom link

Thursday 11.30 Class
Zoom link

Pronouncing numbers and maths 
5.10Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5excersie 2 from the articles practice task
12.10Formal and informal English and academic stylestatistics
19.10Position and     Constructionprepositional phrases
26.10Suffixes 1, 2, 3  and prefixes a and b 1, 2 and practice a and bNoun Collocations
2.11The passive voice 1, 2, 3quantifiers
9.11Describing a Processreadings and trends
16.11Speaking Task 1, 2 , 3education
23.11Linking words, text and Practice
30.11Listening to Lectures: Innovations 1 and 2
7.12End of Module Test
the test will consist of grammar tasks based on the topics above
an essay describing a process and vocabulary tasks based on the homework 

Information for your course

In order to pass AP1,  you must do the following three things:
• Turn up: In order to pass, you must attend every session. If you cannot do so, please ensure you download and read the materials and collect any notes from another student. If you miss three sessions and cannot produce a doctor’s note or other documented evidence (e.g. a signed note from your tutor if you have had to attend a lab session), you will not be eligible for a zápočet.
• Do the homework: if you have not completed all of the homework assignments by the 7th of December, you will not be eligible for your zápočet.
• Pass the test: On the week beginning 7th December there will be a test. This will consist of grammar and vocabulary exercises (e.g. fill in the gaps) and also an essay. The pass mark is 60% and you will have one chance to retake it in January (or later if you choose) this time with a 70% pass mark . If you fail the second time, you will have to retake the course.


If you have a valid certificate proving your English is level C1 or higher (e.g. the Cambridge Advanced Exam) you may skip AP2 and 3 and jump straight to the exam in January. However, attendance at AP1 is still compulsory. This is because the course is in technical and academic English, thus there is an added element required. To obtain this exemption, you need to show me your certificate and following this you will need to sign yourself up for the exam. Have a look at the AP3 page for details of this exam.