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DateMaterials Homework Comments
17.2Cohesive Referencing
homework Appendix


24.2Academic Phrasal Verbs 1, 2, 3TaskAnswers
2.3Relative Clauses 1, 2 and practiceTaskanswers
9.3Coronovirus: As classes are cancelled please look at the grammar on p. 5 of the pdf
and do the excerice on p.6, we'll talk about it when we're all back together
Clauses of Purpose
16.3Have a look at the grammar and do the tasks on link number 2. Now play the kahoot on link number 3 (I fixed it so it's playable at home, email me if it'snot up :-))
Participle Clauses 1, 2, 3
watch the video then complete the task below
Conditional Clauses 
now compare your answers with the table here and do the practice tasks on 
page 2. For further practice, feel free to skype a friend and do the roleplay in the 2 links below together - it's super fun :-)
Practice student A
student B
30.3Do tasks 1-6 of the 'comparing' link tasks 1-3 of the second 'interpreting' link
and 4.2 ex 1 of the last link
Describing Results 1, 2, 3
6.4Describing Results 1,2
First, using what you learnt from last week's exercises, have a go at writing an essay describing this graph . Now have a look at this model essay describing the same graph (please don't read the model before you write your answer - you're cheating no-one but yourself :-) ).
Compare your answer with the model
Did your answer describe, compare, interpret and explain all the key features?
Are all key differences mentioned and accounted for?
Did your answer contain a clear, summarising introduction and conclusion? Were ideas within and between paragraphs connected with a variety of linking devices?
Was it written in formal, academic English using a range of cohesive devices to avoid repetition?
Having studied the differences between your essay and the model. Now have a go at this task and email it to me .

Task 1, 2 feel free to skip 
the listening and speaking :-)
13.4Describing Results 1,2

Having emailed me the task, you will recevie an annotated version. Correct it according to this code (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
Also here's a new kahoot challenge, this time on conditionals. Well done to Kateřina Pilná who won the last challenge, your prize is 6 weeks' holiday at your dorm in Strahov (with occasional trips to Albert in a mask).
More prizes await the lucky winner of this challenge (though they might bear a striking similarity to the last prize :-))
Congratulations are again in order for Kateřina Pilná, two times kahoot winner. Your prize of a delicious bat and pangolin stew is in the post.
20.4Gerunds and infinitives 1, 2
Have a read of the text and think about the answer to the puzzle. Now have a go at exercise 2c and all of 3 
in the link 2. Check your answers here and here. Feel free to email me with questions. The solution to the parable is here
Here's the next kahoot - the race is on for next week's lucky winner!

Here's the Prepositions  lesson. Read the task on p.1, then read the tapescript on the next page to find the answers. Now have a look through the tapescript and find examples of the following grammatical structures:
verb+object+prepositional phrase
verb+ preposition+object+preposition+object
email me the examples you've found
now have a look at page 3 and do excercises 2,3 and 4. I'll put the answers up here.
Well done to the anoynmous '42' (presumably a Hitch Hiker's Guide reference) who was the winner of last week's kahoot. As you submitted your answers anonymously, I can't send you the prize of an all-inclusive luxury holiday in the Bahamas, so I've deceided to take it myself, many thanks. 

Here are the answers to the preposition tasks

4.5Listening to Lectures
Read about Sugata Mitra and think about your answers to the background questions. Do the key words task. now, on p.120 - 121 do tasks 1 - 6
you'll need to watch this TED talk. It will ask you for your email address to create an account, which you can do quickly and then it will ask you for this password . Go to  TED talk videos (UK) Proficient Unit 11 and you can find all the clips. Email if you get lost :-)
Email me your answers to p.120 task 5 and also your thoughts on Sugata Mitra's ideas - would it work, why/why not?
11.5After discussions, it has been decided that this semester the AP2 module may be completed solely through coursework. This means that in order to be given your mark on KOS, you must first submit;
All of the homework tasks
All of the classwork tasks from 9.3 to 4.5 
The essay
After this I will send you some of these back with annotations (see above 13.4 for details).
Once you have sent me a final version, I will put your mark on KOS

All those who have already done this should already have received their mark, if this is you and you haven't received your mark, please email me and I'll look into it.
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Essential Information

In order to pass AP2 you must do the following three things:
• Turn up: In order to pass you must attend every session. If you cannot do so, please ensure you download and read the materials and collect any notes from another student. If you miss three sessions and cannot produce a doctor’s note or other documented evidence (e.g. a signed note from your tutor if you have had to attend a lab session), you will not be eligible for a zápočet.
• Do the homework: submit your homework every week . The dealdine for all the assignments is Thursday May 7th
• Pass the test: On the week beginning 4th May there will be a test. This will consist of grammar and vocabulary exercises (e.g. fill in the gaps) and also an essay. The pass mark is 60% and you will have one chance to retake it in May or June (or later if you choose). If you fail the second time, you will have to retake the course.