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This semester's course will take place via Zoom. 
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Please read the information page below for more details about you course, none of which has changed.

Course Materials

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DateMaterials Homework Comments
15.2Cohesive Referencing

this is the  Appendix mentioned in the homework task

22.2Academic Phrasal Verbs 1, 2, 3Taskanswers
1.3Relative Clauses 1, 2 and practiceTaskanswers
Clauses of Purpose
Participle Clauses 1, 2, 3
Conditional Clauses 
 table here
Practice student A
student B

I will be on holiday this week

Describing Graphs 1, 2
Task 1, 2 feel free to skip 
the listening and speaking :-)
12.4Describing Results 1 ,2
spurious correlations

Also here's a new kahoot challenge,
19.4Gerunds and infinitives 1, 2

Here's the next kahoot 
26.4Engish or Czenglish and academic CzenglishTaskanswers
3.5Listening to Lectures
this TED talk.  

amp template

Essential Information

In order to pass AP2 you must do the following three things:
• Turn up: In order to pass you must attend every session. If you cannot do so, please ensure you download and read the materials and collect any notes from another student. If you miss three sessions and cannot produce a doctor’s note or other documented evidence (e.g. a signed note from your tutor if you have had to attend a lab session), you will not be eligible for a zápočet.
• Do the homework: submit your homework every week . The dealdine for all the assignments is Thursday May 7th
• Pass the test: On the week beginning 4th May there will be a test. This will consist of grammar and vocabulary exercises (e.g. fill in the gaps) and also an essay. The pass mark is 60% and you will have one chance to retake it in May or June (or later if you choose). If you fail the second time, you will have to retake the course.