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Monday 09.30 - 11.10 


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09.30 - 11.10 

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Information about Winter Semester Distance Learning

This semester's course will take place via Zoom starting from the week beginning 28.9.2020
Click on the Zoom link for your day's lesson, the link is the same every week and can be found in the 28.9 box in materials below. Please make sure your name as it appears on Zoom is your name and surname as I will use it to take a register. 
The meetings only last 40 minutes so when the link drops, click on it again and we can carry on. 
As usual, there will be weekly homework tasks to send but no additional online tasks will be required. 
In summary, the two requirements for passing the course this term are
attendance at the Zoom sessions
submission of the homework tasks
If you are having difficulty getting online at any point, just let me know when you are able to, I am aware that it is not always possible to connect.
The form which the end of module test (zápočtový test) will take has not been agreed on. Similiarly, details for your final exam have yet to be finalised and will depend on the situation in Prague and the Czech Republic at that time, but I'll keep you updated.

Course Materials

click on this week's topics to download materials (the first day of the week is shown as classes are on different days) 

DateMaterials HomeworkAnswers
21.9 This week, start with the spelling 2 link, read the poem aloud, decide how to pronounce
it all then click on this link to check (it's got a couple more lines in it than the written poem, sorry I couldn't track down one exactly the same, but nothing's missing)
 Now download the spelling worksheet and send me your corrections for the spellings and the commas by email
now click on the punctuation link and send me an email with your answers to activity one on page 2

Spelling 1, 2 and Punctuation   
preposition collocations
Zoom link

Zoom link

 Zoom link

  Abstracts 1, 2 Introductions, Conclusions and paragraphs
Academic courses
5.10Process Writingforces
12.10Spoken Linking words and Debatingtechnical problems
19.10Noun Phrases 1, 2 and 3graphs
2.11 CV's   and Cover letters
  model letter and job interviews
9.11Speaking Exam Practiceparametres
16.11Presentations 1 , 2,3

23.11Students give presentations
30.11Students give presentations
7.12End of module test and final written exam 
There wil not be  a class in the final week of term
6.1 onwardsFinal Oral Exam Times
Please sign up for a time slot for your final oral exam using these links

Monday January 4th

Tuesday Januray 5th

You need to sign up with a partner. Choose a time slot that
works for you. If none are suitable, email me and we'll arrange another one. I will be  available throughout the exam period so it's fine to arrange a later time.
Ideally, I'd like exams to take place face to face, but it may be that they take place via Teams. At the moment, we still don't know.

Information about the course

In order to pass the course and obtain your credit, you must:
• Attend every session. If you are absent for more than three sessions and these absences are not explained by a doctor’s note or other official document, you will automatically fail.
• Do the homework; I will be keeping a record not only of attendance, but also that every student’s homework has been completed. If you have not completed all of the homework assignments by the 7th of December, you will not be eligible for your zápočet.
• Give a presentation at the end of the semester:
The presentation must be on a topic related to your studies, e.g. something you have been studying or an interest of your own that is related to one of the fields or specialisations in your degree course. In short, it must be an academic presentation.
The presentation should be given on power point or using by presenting a pdf and last no longer than five minutes. 
If you continue talking after 5 minutes has finished, you will be asked to stop and you will be given a grade according to whatever proportion of your presentation you get through, i.e. if you only manage to give half your presentation, you will be graded on that half only. I’d rather not have to be so strict, but student numbers prevent me from doing otherwise.

this link takes you to the presentation marking scheme

    this link tells you about the final exam