English for Doctoral Students

class times :
11.30 - 13.10 
17.30 - 19.10 

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Information about distance courses for the winter semester

This semester's course will take place via Zoom starting from the week beginning 5.10.2020
click on the Zoom link for your day's lesson, the link is the same every week and can be found in the 5.10 box in materials below. Please make sure your name as it appears on Zoom is your name and surname as I will use it to take a register.
The meetings only last 40 minutes, so when the link drops, click on it again and we can carry on.
There will also be weekly homework tasks to send to me by email.

If you are having difficulty getting online at any point, just let me know when you are able to, I am aware that it is not always possible to connect.
Please read the information page below for more details about you course, none of which has changed.

Information about your course

Advanced English for Doctoral Students
Course Requirements
The course is divided into two semesters. Although there is no “zápočet“ or end of unit assessment, there are requirements for passing each one.
To pass the course overall you must:
• Attend every lesson with no more than three unexcused absences. However, for doctoral students this requirement is somewhat qualified in that we take a more lenient view as to what an excused absence is. Essentially, any absence that concerns your doctoral studies is absolutely fine. If you are absent more than five lessons, you will be required to complete extra assignments, and you must complete the homework assignments for the lessons you missed (see below)
• Complete the weekly homework assignments. Answers will be posted on the website, so you may correct them yourself, but I must have seen the completed tasks. You may send me them in pretty much any format you choose (no-one has yet sent them by pidgeon, but feel free to be the first).
• Complete the following coursework assignments:
Semester one
1. Description of Graph Essay
The essay will be completed by most students in class. Corrections will then be completed for homework.
2. CV
Models for this will be provided
3. Cover letter
This must be targeted to a specific job advert that you find online. A link to the advert online must be included with the submission.

Semester two
4. First Draft of Paper
This is an academic paper of no more than 1800 words in length. It also needs to contain all the key sections of a paper, e.g. method, results, discussion.  You may submit something you have published before, including your master’s thesis and it is of course fine to edit it to reduce the word count, but do make sure you include all the key sections. Your submsision must have been written by you alone. If it has more than one author credited, you will need to send me a version that consists only of your contributions.
5. Corrected Second Draft of Paper
After the first draft, your paper will be returned to you with annotations which follow a correction code (see below). You must correct this annotated version and resubmit it.
6. Word List from Reading Texts
During the course of the year you are required to read 5 expert texts in your field (please choose texts that you would read anyway, you are not required to read anything new just for this course). From these texts,  take about 4 words per text to a total of 20 words ( you don't have to be exact with the nnumbers, but you need a list of 20 words at the end) that were new to you and you feel will help you in your studies. You need to submit this word list before the oral exam and you will be tested on the words during the exam.

Once these have been completed, you will be eligible for the written and oral exams.
These will take place in May and June (other times can be arranged if needed), the written exam will be first, followed by the oral.
The written exam will consist of an essay describing a graph.
The oral exam will consist of a 15 minute presentation of a part of your work, followed by questions.
 The oral exam must take place in the presence of your supervisor. In the event that they are unable to attend, it is required that they nominate someone else to attend in their place.
If you have a certificate in English at a C1 (or higher ) level, you may exempt yourself from the final exam. In this event, you will only be required to do the coursework tasks detailed above.

Useful Links:

Guidelines for Academic Writing

Guidelines for Presentations

Some useful vocabulary 

A remedial grammar course

Course Materials

click on the date (the first day of the week is shown as classes are on different days)

DateMaterials Homework Comments
05.10Academic Style 
Monday 11.30
Zoom link 1

Tuesday 17.30
Zoom link 1

useful termsonly do excercise 1
12.10Plagiarism and Synthesis 1, 2, 3abstact sectionsonly do excercise VI
19.10Describing Results 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
graph task. Please download and complete the graph
task and email it to me.
redundanciesonly do excercise IV
26.10Redundancies and Cohesionparalellismonly do excercise IV
2.11Tutorials are for feedback on your completed graph task.
Please have your completed, annotated task at the meeting
with ideas about how to correct it.
Sign up for your time on the link below then , at your appointed time, click on the Zoom link as usual.
Sign up for Monday
Sign up for Tuesday
If those times don't work, we can arange another time.
Similarly, Monday students may sign up for a Tuesday slot and vice versa...it's OK, life is complicated enough right now, let's not exacerbate things :-)

9.11CVs and Cover Letters

formal writing
16.11Students Give Presentations
23.11Articles, practice and quiz
30.11Connecting Ideas
07.12Punctuation 1, 2Deadline for all coursework assignments

Correction code for written assignments


NB unless otherwise stated the mark refers to the word it is in front of
WW – wrong word
WO - word order
MW – missing word
GR – Grammar
Sp – Spelling
P – Punctuation
R – wrong register e.g. informal English
T – wrong tense
C - cohesion error e.g. repeating a word instead of using a pronoun
Re – Redundancy
F – wrong form of the word i.e. using an adjective where there should be a noun etc.