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Conferences and Schools

Masterclass 2019: Weyl's asymptotic law for the Dirichlet Laplacian
Angers, France - 17-19 December 2019

Aspect'19: Asymptotic Analysis & Spectral Theory
Orsay, France – 30 September - 4 October 2019

AAMP XVI: Analytic and algebraic methods in physics
Prague, Czech Republic – 10-13 September 2019
Talk: Invariant solutions of reaction-diffusion equations on evolving domains

IWOTA 2019: International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications
Lisbon, Portugal – 22-26 July 2019
Talk: Large time and analytic solutions of reaction-diffusion problem on a growing domain using symmetry methods

Student conference: Kombinatorika na slovech a matematická fyzika 2019
Děčín, Czech Republic – 26-30 May 2019
Talk: Invariantní řešení a kvalitativní analýza reakčně-difuzních rovnic na rostoucích oblastech

Winter school on Mathematical Physics 2019
Janské Lázně, Czech Republic – 27 January - 2 February 2019
Talk: Reaction-diffusion equation on evolving domains

School and Workshop on Mathematical Physics 2018
Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia – 26 August - 1 September 2018
Talk: Symmetries of differential equations and diffusion equation

International school: Advanced Methods of Modern Theoretical Physics: Integrable and Stochastic Systems 2018
Dubna, Russia – 5-10 August 2018

Winter school on Mathematical Physics 2018 Janské Lázně, Czech Republic – 21-27 January 2018
Talk: Diffusion equation and symmetries of differential equations

Winter school on Mathematical Physics 2017
Janské Lázně, Czech Republic – 22-28 January 2017