Several Exercises in Quantum Mechanics and Geometric Methods of Physics

This page contains several Maple worksheets with computed examples for 3rd year lectures on Quantum Mechanics and Geometric Methods of Physics. In the moment, they are not well commented, may be their readability will be improved in future. Texts of the examples in quantum mechanics can be found in here (in czech, of course). Use Maple V Release 5 or higher.

Dirac monopole

Solution of Schrodinger equation in homogeneous field

Graphs of probability density of 1-dimensional harmonic oscillator

Basis of states of 3D harmonical oscillator with given energy

Graphs of basis vectors of s,p,d states

L^2 in spherical coordinates

Time evolution in an infinitely deep potential hole

Probability of different values of Lz in a state psi ~ g(r)(sin(theta)*exp(I phi)+cos(theta))

Measurement of S(theta) after measurement of Sz