Nuclear Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences, Rez, and

Doppler Institute, Czech Technical University, Prague

will organize in Prague on June 22-26, 1998 an international conference

Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics


The meeting is recognized by the International Association of Mathematical Physics. It is a continuation of a conference series held during the last decade at Dubna, Liblice, Blossin, and Ascona. A support has been provided by

The following topics will be discussed: Invited speakers: The program also includes contributions by Y. Colin de Verdiere (Grenoble), M. Combescure (Orsay), E.B. Davies (King's College), M. Demuth (Clausthal), S. De Bievre (Lille), L. Erdos (Courant), Y. Fyodorov (Essen), V. Geyler (Saransk), R. Hempel (Braunschweig), P. Hislop (Lexington), V. Ivrii (Toronto), A. Jensen (Aarhus), W. Karwowski (Wroclaw), P. Kuchment (Wichita), E. Mourre (Marseille), G. Raikov (Sofia), W. Renger (Clausthal), R. del Rio Castillo (Mexico City), L. Sadun (Austin), W. Scherer (Clausthal), I. Shereshevsky (Nizhni Novgorod), T. Suslina (St. Petersburg), A. Teta (Rome), D. Yafaev (Rennes), K. Yoshitomi (Fukuoka), V. Zagrebnov (Marseille), G. Zhislin (Nizhni Novgorod), and others.

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Electronic access

The e-mail address of the organizing commitee is The participants are encouraged to supply their electronic coordinates, since the information will be disseminated preferably in this way. To download the application form, click here. Deadline for abstracts was March 31, 1998.

Organizing committee: C. Burdik, G. Chadzitaskos, J. Dittrich (treasurer), P. Exner (chairman), P. Seba, P. Stovicek, M. Tater, J. Tolar, M. Vostrakova (secretary), S. Vugalter, M. Znojil

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