Rules and information about your course

These are the most important aspects to take into account no matter what course you are attending. If you are looking for more specific information (tests, exams, etc.), go to the section dedicated to your course in particular.


Students attending courses that take place once a week are allowed to have 3 unexcused absences per semester.
For those who have lessons twice a week, the limit is 6 unexcused absences per semester.

Absences can be marked as excused if there is a good enough reason to miss the lesson. In order to do that, proof must be presented (e.g. doctor's note).

If the amount of absences exceeds the limit, the student will be excluded from taking the zápočet and will therefore need to retake the course from the beginning.


All work submitted or presented by students must be original. I will consider plagiarism all materials copied from other students, as well as from Internet sources or books that have not been properly referenced.

I will not accept any work that does clearly not match the level of the student because it is of a much higher standard than usual (e.g. essays written by or with the assistance of native speakers).

Students with a C1 certificate

SP courses:
Los estudiantes que tengan un certificado de nivel C1 tendrán la posibilidad de hacer el examen final (zkouška) al terminar el primer semestre. Para ello tendrán que mostrar su certificado para comprobar su validez e inscribirse en la lista SPZK en KOS. Además, tendrán que aprobar el zápočet de SP1.


Open the link below if you wish to read the full version of instructions from the Department of Languages in Czech.