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API - Prezentace a interpretace textu

APIN - III. Ročník | Zimní semestr

In order to pass this course, you must attend every lesson. If you are absent for more than three lessons and these absences are not explained by a doctor’s note or other official documents, you will automatically fail.
Another requirement to pass the course is to complete all the weekly homework assignments. For every missed assignment, 5 points will be deducted from your final grade. After 4 missing assignments, you will automatically fail.

Conditions to enroll:
- Zkouška from the subject Aplikace jaz. prostředků 04APAK                            
- Zkouška from the subject Rozvíjení řečových dovedností 04AP3KK                        
- Zkouška from the subject Práce s odb. textem 04APOK    

Schedule: Wednesday 14.00 - 15.40 / T206

1Key features of academic style
Theory | Academic English | Style and register
Gender-neutral language
Appendix | Exercise
> Answers

Non-academic presentation
*Instructions on Teams*
Criteria for presentations

Making a presentation: useful vocabulary
> Answers

Part 1 | Part 2 | Examples | Theory
Organising your writing
> Answers
4Introductions and conclusions
Part 1 | Part 2 | Example of conclusion
Summary and conclusion
> Answers
5Paragraphs and plagiarism
Part 1 | Checklist for writing a paragraph
Punctuation and spelling practice
> Answers
Part 1 | Tutorial: PowerPoint
How to cite sources in PowerPoint
Video | Questions
8Oral presentation analysis
Video | Handout and assessment | Other information
Presenting an argument
Opening and closing
Degrees of certainty
Structure | Visual aids: Part1 | Part2
(Work on your presentation)
Voice power | Body language
(Work on your presentation)

Academic oral presentations
Topic: subject related to your studies | Duration: 12 minutes

Group 1:
Ilia Koval, Olha Musiienko, Ulan Kurbanov, Marek Makovec, Kryštof Krejčí, Radek Cichra, Alexandr Krastenov, Karel Kopecký 
Send your PowerPoint beforehand!

13Academic oral presentations
Topic: subject related to your studies | Duration: 12 minutes

Group 2:
Vít Novotný, Dmitrii Chicherov, Aleksei Solomatnikov, Marek Salaba, Tadeáš Urban, Filip Borsodi, Ilya Vorobyev, Ilya Stupachenko
Send your PowerPoint beforehand!

Other useful materials:
- Information about nominalisation: explanation and examples
- Tips for writing in an academic style
- Tips on how to avoid plagiarism
- Citation generator to help you create your references:
- How to prepare slides for formal presentations: example and guide
- Presentations: useful phrases for presentations